It's hard to turn my boy down when he looks at you and says pleath (please). Having a slight lisp is one of Daniel's most endearing qualities.

He was sat on his potty recently, pointed to his nipples and asked Craig earnestly, "Can you take these off please Dad?"

Every morning lately when he wakes up he yells excitedly "It's morning day!" which is his version of saying it's time to get up.

We've had a great time over Christmas with him but when I mentioned that he's back at pre-K this week he looked at me and said flatly "NO". Oh dear.

As my husband Craig said this evening, some people have crack and our Danny has "The Fresh Beat Band". He loves this kid's band and turns into a groupie whenever they come on the telly. I can't resist posting a short 20-sec video as there's nothing funnier than watching kids dance!

I've had such a great time this past 2 weeks that it's been hard to get back into work today. When I picked them up from the babysitter today and Danny told me he'd been having fun with play-doh I felt a little pang of sadness and wished I could have been with him. He's just such a jot to be around at the moment.


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