Boys Bedroom Make-Over

This weekend we re-did the boys room as it's been getting on my nerves for a while (like the over-full drawers in the kitchen and the scruffy basement stairs).

But before I do a quick post about that a word about Ben.

He's such a sweet dog and very affectionate but good grief has he got separation anxiety! He follows me to the loo and is so close to me that sometimes I step on his paws. He sleeps with us too and not just at the end of the bed but between us under the covers with his head on a pillow. Really! When Craig and I cuddle in bed Cody would always jump off in disgust but not this boy. He dives in between us and puts a stop to anything that does not involve making a fuss of him. He's too funny and too sweet to be mad at him. The downside to all of this is that he's terrified of the dog crate and tries to chew himself out with such passion that he slobbers all over the place and actually makes his nose bleed. I have to crate him when I'm out as he'd probably chew my whole house, but I'm at a loss of what to do. I bought some rawhide sticks I thought might keep him occupied for a while but he gave himself a bloody nose again today. I have read the "how to crate train your dog" online guide by the way but I don't have a spare 3 weeks to ease him into it in 5-minute stints. People who write those guides must have no job and no kids. I'm hoping that time will make him understand that we are always coming back for him.

So onto the bedroom. When we moved into the house pre-kids we painted it a dirty yellow. I'm sure that wasn't its official name (probably called dandelion spring or something) but that's what it looked like. The room was a spare room, then Jack's nursery and then the boys shared bedroom. So it was a mix of baby-decor, half-hearted attempts at making Danny feel at home and puke yellow walls. I hated it.

So I painted it a Crayola Blue with a white trim, got sand-coloured thermal curtains, decluttered and cleaned the wood floor.

The boys picked their own removable decals. Star Wars for Jack. Cars for Danny. We also treated Jack to new Star Wars bedding.

My favourite thing of the project was taking those doors off the wardrobe. It made the room look miles bigger and I can now use both sides without sliding an annoying door back & to and trapping my fingers.

I am going to get a quote on carpet this week for all 3 bedrooms. Hardwood floors are nice but I must be getting old because I dream of cream-colored fluffy carpet under my feet.

I think the whole project cost us about $110 and it has made a huge difference to the room. No more vomit-yellow walls and clutter!


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