Dogs & Pancakes

Ben, our new dog, continues to be a complete basket case, eating everything in sight (including Cody's poo. Yes. Really.) and dirt off the floor. Glass too on one occasion. I can only surmise that he's been starving hungry in his past. And he has started jumping onto the kitchen counters when one of us leaves, so he can watch us go from the kitchen window. He's still ridiculously sad when we leave too and bashing his face in, trying to get out of the crate. He has such a sad face sometimes. Tonight I was hugging him and I said to Craig "He looks so sad, bless him" and Craig said "All dogs do Pam, that's why they get fat". Fair point eh!

Yesterday Jack was in his school concert for Black History Month so Craig & I went and loved it. It was ace. He came up to the microphone and said a line in the Ghana language and then announced the next song and said where it was from. He said afterwards that he was nervous but that he wants to act on the telly so he has to get used to it. He doesn't want to be a fireman now because he can't wear shorts all the time, and he has obviously forgotten about his poster outside his classroom celebrating Martin Luther King where he wrote "I have a dream that I want to work at Toys R Us".

It was Pancake Day yesterday too and I posted on Facebook about Jack not liking English pancakes and preferring the American ones and it got loads of comments and even one friend chanting USA USA! I didn't come close to the culinary scuffle that Expat mum's comments about green bean casserole caused though. Obviously food is a popular subject each side of the pond. Must remember that next time I'm having a blogging drought.

Well I'm off to Bedfordshire now. I've been clearing out clutter tonight and it's exhausted me!


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