Mum's Sunday Morning

For the first time in months, I am up on a Sunday morning before the boys. We went to some friend's Mardi Gras party last night and got home late.

Danny on his bike yesterday

The boys ate the entire bowl of purple M&Ms. Jack loved all the beads and booty. At one point party-goers were throwing stuff out of a bedroom window at him, like they do on Bourban Street. Danny had mixed feelings about the whole thing but came home with a pocket full of large shiny coins that he slept with last night.

So this morning I am looking at flights to England. On lots of people's advice I have been using & it does seem to be the best site. I've got 3 price alerts getting emailed to me every day for flights at the end of July, Christmas and general cheapest with no dates. Best so far is $900 each at Christmas and about 300 bucks for a car. We're having second thoughts about Christmas though because of the dogs and the possibility of getting stranded in a blizzard like we did in December 2007. July is the latest we can go because Jack starts school mid-August. I'm enjoying looking though. The planning and expectation is just as exciting as the actual thing sometimes isn't it, like Christmas.

Right then, off to get a coffee and then muck about on Pinterest for 10 minutes. This house is so quiet! Ahhhh..


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