Superfast Weekend

It's hard to believe it's Sunday night already. Weekends fly by with laundry and housework and swimming lessons and before I know what's happening we're packing school lunches again. We also have to write forty two Valentine's Day cards before Tuesday! That's more than I've ever got in my life, times four. Hells bells!, as my Geordie mate Clippy would say.

On Saturday we took the boys to an indoor bouncy castle place with their friends. When Jack & Wesley broke into some funky dance moves while waiting for their turn on the slide, it cracked me up. There's going to be a talent show at school in May and Jack has told me he wants to do magic tricks and had asked me to make him a black cape and magic wand. Fantastic! I loved all that kind of stuff and was a complete showman myself between the ages of 5 and 10. I used to put on dance shows and charge family money to come and watch me in my Nana's back garden!

Danny & his friend Ryan

We had some snow this weekend but it was really cold so we only ventured out long enough for my ears to freeze and for the boys cheeks to turn scarlet (about 15 minutes!)

Danny & Ben. He calls him Superdog and runs around with him on superhero adventures. Ben gets hugged, jumped on and led around but he doesn't seem to mind. Look at his nose and mouth though - still rubbed raw from trying to fight his way out of the crate. I hope that stops soon.

My new fascination (as well as this and Facebook) is Pinterest and I have been spending far too much time on there, but it's great for tips, recipes and other cool stuff. One idea for Valentine's Day was heart-shaped cinnamon rolls. What do you think? I only made one and gave it to Craig as the boys scarf them down too quick and would eat them if they looked like lumps of coal.


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