End of Weekend Round-up

It's hard to type when you've got a dog lying on you and your computer. It's even harder to sleep while he's lying on your legs. Ahhhhh Ben, the loopy mutt. No change I'm afraid, except that now I've bought a big enclosed crate like a cat carrier that he can't try and chew his way out of, so the hair is growing back around his nose. I nearly took a picture yesterday of Jack in the crate (his new den) and poor Ben stood outside of it trying to get in, but I didn't want children's services banging on my door accusing me of crating my five year old. I did however bring home two great boxes from work last week that they both actually slept in last night, after their bedroom camping trip...

Today was glorious, so after Jack's swimming lesson we took the dogs out for a walk in the sunshine. As an extra bonus, I managed to put Danny's gloves on in one go! Actually it was just on one hand but the sense of achievement was huge. Normally it's like trying to put gloves on a sticky octopus. Anyway, as I was getting the boy's bikes from the basement, Craig was outside with two dogs on the leads and two kids, all being unruly. I heard loud barking and went outside and there's a woman stood at the end of the driveway with a snarling barking dog on a lead that she can barely control and she's saying to Craig "I can't get my dog trained, it's so hard". Craig's ignoring her best as he can and I'm wheeling both bikes out & flashing looks that say "Lady, we have two kids under 5 and two dogs and really don't want to help you train your dog right now". After a few minutes she walked away. Some people are so crazy about their dogs they really believe everyone else should be too don't they. I agree with Ron White on this one - I'm a dog-lover that just loves their own dog.

We got some big things done in the house this weekend, including buying a rug big enough to cover the whole floor in the boy's room. And I bought a cube shelf that the boys helped put together.

We also starting watching Sherlock this weekend and we love it. And what is not to love about Benedict Cumberbatch and his splendid English name! I am also reading a wonderful book. Just a small autobiographical paperback called "Boy" by Roald Dahl but I'm really enjoying it. There are so many similarities from my own childhood when he talks about the local sweet shop and how you acted around adults. It's made me laugh quite a few times but it's also a bit gruesome - a boy's boarding school in 1920s England was definitely not Disney Land.

Lastly, Jack is doing great at school & in life. He brought home "an end of week award" on Friday and his reading is coming along great guns. He's also finishing up grade level 2 swimming. When we got home from the baths today and I was emptying his wet bag I saw that he had taken two lots of Mardi Gras beads with him to his lesson. What a goofball.


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