Mad Dogs & Englishmen

Ben has severe separation anxiety. Far far worse than Cody did when we first got him. Cody destroyed a few of my shoes, hairbrush and telly remote but he adapted to his crate pretty well for a while and then after about 2 months I think we left him roaming in the house alone and he was okay. Ben however is mad as a box of frogs.

In no particular order this week he has: destroyed the crate (bent the bars!), escaped from the crate twice, annihilated two bath towels, scratched my living room hardwood floor and laundry room floor, eaten chunks out of the couch, chewed Craig's shoes, and drank bleach.

How on earth does a dog drink bleach you may ask? Well he shoves his head in the toilet bowl and laps it up. Craig had to drag him out into the back garden and squirt salt-water down his neck with the turkey baster to make him throw up. Charming. Needless to say we won't be using little blue cleaning tablets in the loo for a while.

In the process of trying to escape from the crate he has done quite a bit of damage to himself and made his own nose bleed. Sigh. I would hate to put the cone of shame on him to stop him damaging his nose any more but I have to do something, poor little love.


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