Friday, February 17, 2012

One Lucky Lady

This lad flatly refuses to wear long pants or long sleeved t-shirts all year round. Just like his dad.

Talking of his dad he gave me a marvelous Valentine's Day this year. I got a bunch of flowers and a present from the boys. On Valentine's Day morning Craig called me from work and I answered the phone in a stressed voice "hello!" He asked if I was ok and I said "No, not really. Jack won't get out of bed and we're late, and Cody & Ben are midering around my legs and Danny just threw up on the kitchen floor (drank milk too quick)", then he asked for Jack and I thought it was to tell him to help me more, but Jack trotted off to the bedroom and came back with a beautifully wrapped gift with a big red bow on the top. It was a cute bag full of Clinique perfume (Happy - my favourite!) and toiletries.

Talk about feeling guilty! Not only did I snap at Craig on the phone but I didn't get him anything. Crap crap wife.

After I opened the present and told Craig & the boys thank you, Jack gave me a kiss and a hug and then Danny looked at me imploringly and said "Mama, can I please give you a kith?" and my heart just plopped right out and landed on the floor and Ben ate it.

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