A Week for the Boys

This week the boy's babysitter Linda is on vacation so I am taking some vacation time, taking them to work and organizing other babysitting help. Today we ran some errands then we went to a local pool with friends. It's not the pool we normally go to where we are members but one that's very near to my house where all our friends go. I have a feeling we'll be joining this pool next year.

Jack was straight on the slides and diving boards.

Danny loved it all, especially since they also had a sand volleyball court that he could dig in, between swimming. He finally decided to try a diving board and I waited with baited breath then the lifeguard blew her whistle and told him he couldn't go on with floaties on his arms! Bloody hell I thought - that's his confidence dashed. He is allowed to wear a life jacket on the diving boards at our regular pool so we can try again.

There's been a bit of progress with Hook today. He has eaten and drank and used his litter tray. Jack and I have cuddled him a dozen times and he seems more relaxed but he is still hiding under the office futon. Baby steps are the name of the game. His human mum Katy didn't come to see him today. After I texted her to ask if she was actually coming because were were waiting to go out, she texted back & said no, that she forgot. Maybe it's a good thing that we aren't stretching that out, I don't know.

Lots of cuddling going on

Handsome lad

This picture makes him look huge. I told Jack maybe he's a real jungle cat.

The heart-shape mark on his right leg. How cute.
So the next step will be opening the office door and letting him explore the upstairs of the house, but I think that's going to be a few days yet. I also have to work out how to get him & Ben together again without Hook being traumetized. Ben shoves his nose under the office door & whines  like he's saying "Come out and play! Let me show you the hamsters". He's such a muppet.

Lastly, I'm not keen on the name Hook. I keep forgetting it and calling him Hank. Would it be too weird for him I wonder if I changed his name?


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