Friends, Vets, Unfriendly Parties & Festivals

Last night I met some girlfriends (originally PTA ladies but actually now my "go to" friends) at a local pub for some beers. It was so good. Just 2 and a half hours of girl-time but worth a million $. I need to put that on my monthly "must do" list, along with a date with Craig and a pedicure. Those 3 things alone make me HAPPY. Genuinely happy.

This morning, not having heard back from Katy, I took Hook to our vet. Yes he has fleas, no he does not have an ear infection. From what they see today, he's very healthy and a good soul. I asked them to call the other local vet to get his medical records because Katy had told me & Craig several times that he went to that vet and that they had his records.  The other vet did indeed have records - they faxed over one page that said she took him once, last December, because he had a bad case of fleas. So Hook's had no rabies vaccine and he could have feline aids or leukemia for all we know. She downright F****** lied to me! But actually I'm not mad, I'm just very sad about the whole thing. She looked me in the eye and lied to me. Why? Did she have no money? Or did she just want to unload him?  She seemed like a very nice, genuine person that loved her cat. I must be a really bad judge of character obviously. Moving on - he is now on flea meds and on a regular vet program. He's happy but dying to leave the office - maybe tomorrow. His new name is Hank because he and I both need a new beginning with all this nonsense. I'm still not 100% sure on whether I'll have any more communication with Katy. I had promised her that she could visit him before she leaves mid-August and that I'd send her photos now & again (she asked I didn't offer). So I'm not sure what to do about that. If it were me, I'd be devastated leaving my animal with someone else, but I have to stop thinking that people think like me, right?

So anyway, after the vet visit we went to an outdoor party to do with Craig's work, hosted by the big boss. And OH MY GOD it was the most unfriendly, messed-up party ever. Last year I promised myself I would not go to this party again because of how bad it was,  but of course I did. The boss came over to say Hi then walked off. His wife did not welcome us. They have 5 grown daughters who ignored us until the end when one asked "who are you?" There were 30 people there and not one person laughed, was friendly or had manners. The entire time we were there (4-8pm) no one offered us a drink or food. Thank God we had two lots of friends there that we knew and loved. If it had not been for those friends I would have left immediately. As we were leaving at 8 pm we went over to say thank you to the boss and the entire time we were with him his wife was stood next to him, ignoring us but berating him, ridiculing him, and putting him down. It was unbelievable. Wow. Worst. Party. EVER.

At least the kids had fun
On the way home both Craig and I were dog-tired but I was driving so doing that thing where you stretch your mouth and say stupid things out loud, just to stay awake. Jack begged to go to our local parish festival. Cried genuine tears, not crocodile ones, when I said no. So I took him. You might say I'm a mug, but I remember the excited feelings of local parish festivals. I can still feel the excitement of them. You can't bottle it. So off we went, and Craig and Danny were couch potatoes at home.

Friends + Festival Rides = Kid Bliss
We got home at 10pm with a funnel cake in hand that Craig, Danny  Jack devoured like hyenas! Ben did the helpful chore of cleaning the coffee table of icing sugar...

I'm absolutely exhausted. What a day.  Tomorrow we REST and have FUN!


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