Furry Friends

The day that mum & Tom left we liberated the frogs, those that were left. I have come to the conclusion that rearing tadpoles is a walk in the park but rearing frogs is near impossible. A frog expert friend told me this fact and said that frogs generally die in captivity - but they still have a better chance than in the wild. Well I'm not much keen on animals dying, so our frog rearing days are over.

So as far as pets go, we have Ben, our most wonderful dog who turned 3 this month...

Loved by all of us. 

"Can't help myself mum"
Ben is such a good lad. He'll be as perfect as Cody in a few years but right now he still has his mischievous & downright naughty side. I like that though.  We still miss Cody a lot of course, but  it's only been a year since we lost him & that's normal.There's no way we could spread his ashes yet and neither of us can talk about Cody without crying, so there's still a long way to go, grieving for our boy.  We'll probably miss him and Frank our whole lives actually.

Well moving on  - we have two new pets in the house!   Whitey (Danny's dwarf hamster) and Luke (Jack's regular hamster) joined us last week.
Whitey doesn't bite, is tiny, and cute as a button - perfect for Danny. Unfortunately they only live about a year but I'll deal with that as it happens.
Luke is awesome. I like him a lot - feisty, cute and conquered the odds. He had a very nasty wound in his belly, right down to his intestines, that has healed. Between us applying Savlon and him cleaning it's almost gone (other hamsters bullied him at the pet shop).

Hamster love

I like this cheeky little guy
Luke spent 30 minutes filling his cheeks with his bedding, travelling up the tube to the upper level of his cage and making a new bed. It was great to watch. What a character.

Eat them or play with them? 
So there we are. A dog and two hamsters. I am still hankering for a cat to lay on my lap, but that's for another day.


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