Meet Hook

Hook & Katy
Meet Hook. His human mum (Katy) is a recent graduate who just got offered a big job in Chicago and will be working 80 hours a week, so she can't take him with her. He's two and both Hook and his mum are devastated by the separation.

That's where I come in. I am going to adopt him and with the help of his mum we are going to make the transition as easy as we can. She leaves for Chicago mid-August.

He's bonkers - just like Frank was. He's vocal and loves humans and is an all-round fabulous cat. Usually.

Right now, his first day with us, he is traumatised. He is hiding under the futon in the office so I have set him up in there on his own with his food and toys and bed and I'll leave him alone for a while. He was so upset when he got here that he hid under the couch and went into shock, panting. And he vomited on himself. Poor baby.

Katy is coming over tomorrow to see him and she and I are texting back and forth. I know it'll take a few weeks for him to feel comfortable here, I just wish he could understand that we want to help him and that even if we are a bunch of noisy buggers we mean well.


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