Five Hours at the Pool!

I took the lads to work again this morning then got them home for lunch and we spent 5 hours at the pool. Now I am bloody exhausted & sun burnt. Jack learnt a new pool trick today - he calls it his "eights" It was only seven but by the look on his face when I told him that I think I'll just always tell him that yes - it was eight.

Swam like a lunatic

It took 100 shots to get these two good ones
Tomorrow they are going to the pool without me and I'd be lying if I didn't say that I'm nervous about it. I'm trying not to be a paranoid mum.

Not much progress with Hook today. His mum sent me a couple of lame texts. She's out of town. Told me that he was on flea meds but he got out and well you know, probably got fleas then. The term flibbertigibbet comes to mind.

So last night I bought "Sentry" flea shampoo and medicine because the vet was shut and the pet store person recommended it (didn't I say recently that I wouldn't listen to them again? Guess I didn't learn my lesson). Tonight I read a Consumer Report review where 157 people said it caused death, hair loss, severe skin irritation and at best foaming at the mouth. FFS! I cannot get a break with this cat! So at 9pm we had to give him another bath - this time to wash off the meds. I also combed him a half dozen times today and still keep getting fleas off him. Here's something gross - the only way to kill them is to squish them so hard you hear a crack. How awful! No wonder no pesticides kill them these days.

I am working tomorrow but will get him to a vet on Friday. He's endured so much this last few days - surely this little fella is due some good luck?


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