Jack's 7th Birthday

It was Jack's 7th birthday on Wednesday. Instead of having a traditional kiddie party we invited adults and kids alike for a open-house party where they could swing by and say hello or stop for longer. I think we ended up with about 40 people and it was a tad manic at times but a good time overall. Mum & Tom enjoyed meeting everyone and of course Jack was lapping up the attention. Although he did go shy when we sang "Happy Birthday" to him.

We got him an Avatar Air Bender cake with his favourite character, Ang, on top.  He had asked for an iPod but we got him roller blades instead. Between the iPad, laptop, Wii and phones he plays too much on video games as it is. I can't bear the thought of him having an iPod in his pocket the whole time. He seems okay with it and went out oh his roller blades already.

Roller blading, with some help from Grandad Tom

So who is Jack at 7? Well he's still a social butterfly, talking non-stop. He wants to do everything and see everything and can be a bit exhausting at times but his personality is infectious. He loves people and animals and he has an amazing imagination. One minute he's pretending to be an animal catcher and the next he's chasing dragons or building a fort. His Grandad Tom has told him that he comes from a long line of Pirates, dating back to Blackbeard, and he totally believes it. I am playing along with it but have put my foot down at the mention of a pet parrot. 

Opening his presents - a kite from Grandma & Grandad Lewis! 
 He's an outdoor kid and loves to mess about with insects and climb trees and dig in the dirt. He gets that from me. I was not surprised to get a letter from his school this past week telling me that he is going to be in a gifted and talented program this coming year in "science".  He still doesn't enjoy reading and writing and I need to help him more with that, but he obviously loves science so that makes me happy.

He has a typical sibling friendship with Daniel - playing one minute and fighting the next, usually over a revered toy or the iPad. Daniel adores him though and will always ask for the same things as Jack - ice cream flavors, toys, you name it, it's always "I want the same as Jack". I hope they are lifelong friends.

Happy Birthday My Love
So I asked Jack "What's the best thing about being 7?" And he said "Being taller". Then he asked for a hamster and what time are we going to the pool and can he have an ice lolly and can he play on the iPad...........

Today we are going to go to the pool and and then we are just going to enjoy the weekend. The last two days have been absolutely manic and stressful, with July 4th celebrations, parties, saying goodbye to mum & Tom at the airport, and rearranging the house. I also have a nasty viral chest infection so have been coughing so much my ribs ache. I think an afternoon at the pool will do us all wonders.


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