Hook: Day 5

It's such a shame that this kitty has fleas because he's dying to be with us and start exploring the house, but we've combed him a half-dozen times and still keep finding them. I think he has an ear infection too. I've sent lots of texts to Katy asking if she is indeed coming to take him to his vets tomorrow. I even offered to take him for her, or at least pick up flea meds from there. No response. It is so annoying.  If she flakes on us then I  guess we'll be dropping a couple of hundred $ on vet bills this weekend.

He's going to be a great cat though. He loves people and he's already great with the kids (well kid singular, Danny has no interest in anything but watching videos of people playing Super Mario on You Tube, which is a whole other story).

You probably think I'm a sucker. I do feel a bit "duped" to be honest, but I also feel good for Hook, that we can offer him love and a home where he'll be taken care of and be part of the family. And I have to say, if Katy really doesn't care about him and she truly has tricked me, then she deserves an Oscar.  Maybe she'll come through tomorrow - I'm hoping she does.


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