Just Another Manic Monday

We had a flood (3 inches of rain!!).

Going back to work was hard, leaving my boys.

I watched CNN run a story that George Zimmerman was a "hero" for rescuing a family from an overturned car. At the same time I read that his cousin has accused him of molesting her since she was SIX and that his ex-fiance has an order against him for battery.  Are these things true? It's hard to believe the media these days but I'll be trying to follow it.

There's a new Royal baby. I like the name Henry.

When I got home I was: cooking sausages on the grill, unloading the dishwasher, dealing with questions from both boys, then the grill SET ON FIRE. I'm not talking about a bit of smoke or a lick of a fire I'm talking full-on fire to the ceiling! I screamed for Craig and rang 911 and Craig came running and put it out. Phew! I have felt horrible all night and am so thankful that Craig was here.

So that was my Monday. Glad it's over.


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