Brit Bonfire Night Party

Today I feel like death on a stick. Partying like a teenager and not getting to bed until 1am will do that to you I suppose. Craig and the boys are in a similar state. Jack hasn't even taken his PJs off all day. I went briefly to Krogers for some food and of course ran in to several people I knew. When I said I felt terrible one of them said "well you don't look your best". I'm not taking that personally though as she's not the most socially apt person I know and regularly blurts inappropriate things out.

So here's a few pictures of our Saturday, which was 17 hours long....

Pancake breakfast fundraiser at a local school.

Guy Fawkes before we nuked him

Guy Fawkes being nuked. Kids were chanting "burn him!" like something out of Lord of the Flies. 

Motley Crew
My Brit BFFs
Danny was first to crash and came home with one shoe. Been there, done that. 


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