Today was a Good'un

I finished another quilt. I am a quilting diva and I deserve this ...

I read this and it was so good. So funny and true. But it was also a bit disturbing, how pressured young girls are these days. When I was a teenager we didn't get Brazilians as part of our pre-date ritual (if, like me, you have no idea what a "Brazilian" is it's shaving everything off so in essence you look like a little girl. How being hairless has become the new norm is truly awful). I'm sure it's not all bad and there are millions of feminists still out there fighting the good fight. But it makes me feel so sad for girls caught up in the belief that they need to be perfect and hairless to be accepted. Let's all be normal and hairy!

Let's be Normal & Hairy! 

It snowed and it was ungodly cold. But my porch is coming along. I'm already planning a porch party in my head.


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