Linda & a Pledge

I saw Linda today. She watched the boys at her house since they had a day off for staff development and I had to work. It was so good to see her, she hadn't changed a bit. On the way home from her house both boys talked about how great she was, so kind and sweet to them. Jack said she walked backwards from the park so she could chat with them and laugh with them. She spent 3 hours this afternoon playing at the park with them.

I'd have been on my phone, messing about on social media. I'm not sure how I got into such a horrid habit of being on my phone while I'm supposed to be enjoying my kids but I really have to knock it on the head for a while.  Starting tomorrow I am going to ignore my phone in the company of my kids! I'm making a pledge!

If I tell the boys what I'm doing they'll help me by calling me out on it. They did that when I asked them to help me stop checking my phone while I was driving (if I so much as picked it up Jack would yell "stop texting!" and nearly cause me to crash, which defeated the object). They also got involved when I stopped drinking wine. At first it was helpful but then it became annoying. I mean really, who wants a 5-year old telling you you can't drink wine? But I think the phone hiatus thing will work if they're included.  I shall report back shortly on my progress, or lack thereof.


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