Mr. Imagination Strikes Again

He wants to be everywhere and do everything and be every body's best friend.
Not content with putting up 1 drawing in his room, he puts up 50. Even gets pegs from somewhere to do it (seriously, where did he get all those pegs?).
He wants to be a doctor, no a vet, no a superhero, no an origami artist.
He wants to play all sports and win all games. He wants to rule the world.
Sounds bloody exhausting doesn't it? Actually it is, but he's also got the most amazing imagination and lust for life that I've ever seen.

I wasn't surprised when he told his pre-school teachers his name was Kevin because I knew he wanted to be the blue Power Ranger. They believed him which was rather funny, especially when official pre-k paperwork came home for "Kevin".

I'm not surprised when he tells people stories. I've had people ask me questions about things that I know aren't true - "when's Jack getting his braces?", "Can Jack do back-flips?", when are you leaving for your vacation this weekend"?

Some of his story telling is funny, like the time he wore my arm cast for a weekend and told everyone he'd broken his arm. Some of it is not funny at all and is actually blatant lying.  So we've had conversations over the years about not lying. He knows the story about Peter and the Wolf. He's got in trouble and been disciplined but sometimes I'm flummoxed how to stop it.

This week he really pulled a fast one. He flunked his eye test at school on purpose, fooling the school nurse, his teacher and us. He let me take him for an independent eye exam that I had to pay for because he's not on my vision insurance till 2015. When he passed the test with flying colours I finally got him to admit that he made the whole thing up so he can get glasses (he thinks they look cool).  So,  he's got chores to do until January to make up the money for the test and I've talked with him again about it and well, I'm not sure what else I can do. I did make him apologize to the teacher and nurse at school too, which I'm sure burned.

It's half funny and half maddening. Mostly maddening.


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