Good Karma on a Thursday

Today was a good day. Nice things kept happening in a steady flow of little surprises.

 I jumped online and got us all tickets for WWE Raw in February. Just thinking about how excited the boys will be makes me feel happy and excited too.Knowing that a friend also bought tickets for her boys and we are all eating together beforehand makes it even better.

An impromptu lunch with colleagues and students was fun. We told lots of stories and belly-laughed for a hour.

 My cousin Kay who lives in Mexico contacted me to organise a weekend visit with me in January. I haven't seen her for twenty years and will probably hug her to death at the airport.

Kay and her daughter Megan
Now if I was Scottish I'd say that all this good fortune must mean that I've got a whole lot of horrible things coming my way. But I'm not Scottish, so I'm going to take all this good karma and hope that it continues.


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