Halloween 2014

It feels like the whole month of October was dedicated to Halloween, which seems ridiculous compared to our 1-day of trick or treating when I was a kid, but it's fun so who's going to complain?

We did several events (including a very good one at Boy Scouts in the woods), went to at least three parties and spent quite a lot of time decorating the house and making costumes. Daniel dressed as his hero Rey Mysterio (WWE guy) and also a superhero since his nana sent him a cape and mask. Jack was Spiderman, then Death, then a robot. In typical Jack style he wanted to be everything and sometimes dressed like all 3 at once.

On trick-or-treat night we met up with neighbors and hit the streets. It was so great. The adults had a beer and chatted and stopped the kids from zigzagging across the road too much and the kids had a grand old time. And now we have at least 5 lbs of chocolate and sweets in the fridge.


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