The Citizenship Test

Tomorrow I take the USA citizenship test. It's a big deal actually, not something you just decide to do on a whim. I'm nervous about the test, heartbroken at not being loyal to England, while also feeling a strong loyalty to the USA. But as Craig once told me, several years ago, I think too much.

So anyway...

The reasons for taking it are:

* I want security (you won't understand that unless you are in my situation)
* I can keep my British passport and Britain will continue to recognize me
* My green card expires next April 2015 and it costs about the same to renew as it does to apply for citizenship (450 versus 668)
* My kids are American and it would be rough taking them to another country
* Life is good here: fabulous friends, neighbors, colleagues, work opportunities, respect for each other, weather and low crime (in my neighborhood)

The reasons for not taking it are:

* I miss my family and friends
* I'm British and proud, to my core
* Health care costs are criminal

Which brings me to a point: why can't I just love both countries? Because I do.  England is my home, my heart, my first love. The American Dream has been real for me & Craig and we have two American children. So I love both countries. I am an Anglo-American, a LimeyYank.


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