PTA, Porch & Sleepover

The good karma continues..

At last nights PTA meeting we voted to fund $11,000 worth of computer equipment for the school. All that hard work paid off and it feels so goooood!

They made some progress on my porch. I'm itching for them to finish so I can to use it. Itching and itching.

I made good progress on a quilt tonight. Even bought some fabric for the next one.

The boys have a friend over for a sleepover. It's fun but I'm shattered and seriously considering baling on Craig and going to bed. There's a big party at Maureen's house tomorrow and I'll have a ton of stuff to do, including making a guy. My friend Jules will help but she only has old clothes that some animal had peed on and I'm not so sure I want to dress the guy in THAT and then sit him on Maureen's porch. Eeww. 


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