Saturday, November 14, 2015

10 Years Blogging

Today marks TEN YEARS of me blogging.  I remember my very first one clearly. I didn't know how to attach photos yet or do anything fancy, but I knew I wanted to start a blog because I was 5 weeks pregnant with Jack and it seemed like a good time to start documenting our life.

At the time, blogging was a way for me to create a record of my pregnancy and the impending arrival of Jack. I didn't see beyond that really. What it's turned into though is something beautiful. It has served as a journal of our everyday life over the last ten years. I can go back and see births, birthday parties, milestones, family visits and all other wonderful life events that might have ended up in a photo album but would certainly not have been remembered so clearly had it not been written down.

Blogging has also changed the way I see life and how I approach my daily life. Since I'm always subconsciously thinking about what would or would not make a good blog post, I find that I pick out meaningful things that happen to me and remember them. Concentrating on the good things that happen, so that I can blog about them later, has certainly given me a positive perspective on life and made me realize how lucky, how fortunate I am. Has that helped me lead a more meaningful life? I believe it has. I have also picked up a couple of blogging friends along the way, people I have never met but we went on to be friends on Facebook and some even send Christmas cards. That's been a nice little bonus.

There hasn't really been a downside, other than the nagging worry sometimes that having our personal life on a public platform might encourage nutters. But there are so many blogs, far far better than mine, that I can't let that worry me too much. I did disabled the comments section on here recently though, after getting slammed with spam.

So there we are, ten years of blogging. I hope I keep it going as long as I live and I hope my boys forgive me for the embarrassing baby pictures.


Today was also Tiger Day for the Cub Scouts so after taking both boys for haircuts we took Danny to the event. He has four school classmates in his Tiger Den so it's always great to watch them together. Daniel did each task with gusto and really enjoyed himself.

Tiger Cubs

Lastly, today also marks the 1 year anniversary of Craig and I passing our USA citizenship tests. This time last year we were celebrating at our house with friends, including Eric.  I have missed him at so many events recently. He would have loved them all. He would also have made such a fuss of Jack at the hospital last week. Even Jack said, as he was lying in his hospital room "Uncle Eric would be here now, visiting me" and it's true, he would have. I still miss him so much.

14th November, 2014

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