England Visit Nov 2015

My trip home was a whirlwind of work, a big train ride, a quick visit with family and then sickness. The weather was wet and gloomy (sunset at 4.30pm!) and I was so sick that I got back to Columbus and was so thankful to be home with Craig and the boys that I didn't have chance to feel the wretched homesickness I felt when I left England in the summer.

But it was lovely to see my family, to spend a bit more time this trip with my mum, and I'm lucky to have so many wonderful family and friends there. My mum took care of me when I got sick and it was like being a young girl again. Nothing beats being mollycoddled by your mum when you're sick.

At the beginning of the trip I attended a conference where I got an industry award and got to see old, cherished friends. I had too much fun as usual.

My wing men, Paul & Simon

After the conference I took a train from Birmingham to Southport via Liverpool and went to my mum's. I also got to visit my sister Jenny but it was at her house that the sickness caught up with me. I think I got the Norovirus or something on the way there. Whatever it was, I thought I was dying. It was so bad I had to cancel my Sunday flight and fly back home Monday.

The good points of the trip? Bringing home a ton of chocolate, pies for Craig and Minnion's crackers for Christmas. Seeing my family and friends, obviously. And I really enjoyed the conference and the train ride.
The bad points? Being so sick I thought I was dying. And missing my boys at home.

I go back to England again next spring and  I don't care if I look like a loon on the plane, I'm wearing a mask.


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