Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Veteran's Day in the USA is recognized and commemorated in the same way that Remembrance Sunday and Armistice Day is in Europe, it's just named differently.

I was lucky this year to watch the Remembrance Day Festival at Royal Albert Hall on Sunday on the telly at my mum's house (then I dashed to bed before the season finale of Downton Abbey came on as it doesn't start here till the new year). I wasn't there to witness the silences that happen at 11-11-11 but I was back in the USA to see all of the events here.

One of the things I've always found strange is that the poppy, the emblem of Armistice Day, plays such a huge role in Europe but is never seen in the USA. No one wears them on their lapels and you don't see them on the TV or anywhere else. So I was surprised today when my boys brought these home that they made in class. It brought a lump to my throat actually.

Jack's poppy

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