Report Cards & Conferences

One of them has an exemplary report card and teacher conference every period. The other has a pretty good one, with a few misdemeanours thrown in for charm value.

The funny thing is, the older I get the more I realise that their character and life skills are not measured by numbers on a bit of paper. Their success in life will depend upon many other things. So while it's nice to have one kid be "perfect" on paper, I know that my other kid will also be hugely successful, probably because he isn't "perfect" on paper.  Looking back on my old school reports I certainly was never a perfect on paper kind of kid, and I think I did ok.

So tonight, after conferences,  we celebrated by going to Frisch's Big Boy and pigging out. They even got to order dessert. I got the salad bar, which was the absolute worst. It was probably fresh and tasty twelve hours before when they set it up and before people poked at it all day long. Bleh!


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