Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thanksgiving Day 2015

Thanksgiving today was SO GREAT.  Jules, Cindy, and Maureen got here about 9.30am for a potluck breakfast with us and Siobhan, then we went for a big walk at a local park with all our dogs.  Craig stayed at home with Daniel as he had been up since 6am cooking so wanted some alone time, and Daniel was throwing up last night at 2am (yes, really. Ugh my poor love).

Anyway, at the park Ben ran and ran and ran and jumped in the lake and sniffed dog bums and had the best time of his life. I loved watching him, my 3rd son who's always neglected, have a great time.
Talking of sons - I was so proud of Jack. He's an amazing young man, interacted with all my friends, collected litter, found muskrat nests, unbeknown to me had brought snacks in his backpack for the dogs (seriously, how wonderful is he?) and was just a good egg. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my boy.


He said he was taking a picture of us, but took 20 selfies - hence the laughing!

Thanksgiving dinner cooked by Craig was AMAZING.
We had: Turkey & stuffing, gravy, mashed potato, carrots & nips, brussel sprouts, cranberry sauce, and I made the most amazing Yorkshire Puds because I have a secret recipe form a Yorkshire lass. I could tell you but then I'd have to kill you.

Look at them Yorkshires!

Lovely people 

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