Well Visits 2015

Today I was actually a successful parent. Both boys had their annual check-up at the doctors and both are healthy and strong. I was a super-duper mum because I got them both a flu mist and not a shot, and we had a pretty good laugh together. After the docs, as a treat, I took them to my friend who's a hairdresser so they could have some fancy stuff done to their hair. It felt good to just hang out with them without rushing and screaming like a fishwife. See, I can do it sometimes!

Here's their annual statistics:

Jack at 9 yrs...
Weight: 87 lbs
Height: 4' 8.5" - he grew 4 inches this year!

Daniel at 6 yrs...
Weight: 57 lbs
Height: 4' 3"  -  in the 98th percentile for height.

My friend Alycia gave them a new "do" 


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