Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

I have FIVE WHOLE DAYS off work! I don't have to be anywhere, do anything big,  put make-up on, or deal with people's needs. Woohoo!   Another great start to the holiday was that Dave came over for dinner tonight. He's doing good and looking fantastic. Of course we talked a little about Eric but it was nice to see him looking so good and doing things that make him happy in life. I'm so glad he and I have kept our friendship. When he left and told us "I love you guys" it made me both happy and then of course I had a little cry.

But anyway.

I love the Thanksgiving holiday so much!  It's like Christmas but there's no presents, so no stress.  It's purely about being together, enjoying each other's company, eating,  and laying on the couch rubbing your big belly and watching telly. That's it. No tree or decorations or gifts.  Wouldn't it be great if Christmas was the same?

Our Thanksgiving this year is one to look forward to. I took the day off work tomorrow to hang out with the kids. Thursday (Thanksgiving Day) we have the Expats coming for a breakfast potluck and big walk, then we'll have a huge turkey dinner about 3. Followed by slovenly behaviour and more eating. There might be a random Foosball game thrown in, if I'm not in  turkey coma.

Of course we'll watch our traditional Thanksgiving film  "Planes, Trains & Automobiles"

And we'll have some "English" twists to the holiday that includes tatties, carrots & nips and custard on our pie. But other than that we'll embrace this very American holiday with great gusto. How can you not love a holiday that just about love and fun, with no commercial crap attached (Black Friday is the day after, that's for another day!)

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