Party for Char

Last night we had a party. Char was in from Bakersfield after taking the California Bar last week so we all gathered at our house to see her. Our friends are so understanding of the fact that we need to get Jack in bed but don't want to miss the party! If we have to go to someone else's house we have to leave by 7.30 or 8.00pm. The horrendous snow storm meant that 4 people couldn't come but 5 did and we had a good time. Jim brought a new food item - figs stuffed with goat's cheese and wrapped in posh-sounding bacon - everybody loved them but I was good and didn't have one (I saved my WW points for wine).

The original Famous Five. I called Jan at 5pm and said I'd make the spare room up, in case they stayed over. You know, with all the best intentions in the world, we do tend to erm, partake in a little too much fun juice for them to drive home afterwards. She said "no, really, NO. We have to be on the road early to go to my parents for my mom's birthday". I said okay, thinking I should just make it up anyway. SO, they got up about 7.45am this morning, feeling like hell if I am any kind of gauge, and it took them 5 hours to drive to Jan's mom's house. They got there safe but probably muttered "we're never partying with Pam & Craig again" at least 100 times during the trip. I know this because we do the same after a night with them.

I put Jack down for his nap today and I was amazed how QUIET he was. He usually babbles for about an hour before he falls off. When he woke a couple of hours later this is what I found. Nappy was on the floor (clean thankfully) along with pants and socks and he was grinning at me. He's a cheeky little bugger and making me laugh a lot these days.

Last night at the party he was a little star, playing with everyone and dancing and having a ball. At bedtime he went to every single person and gave them a kiss goodnight. He's such a good tempered child and never cries unless he has reason. I'm touching wood right now, because I know I'm lucky.


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