The Ohio Primary Vote

It's a big day in Ohio tomorrow as the people get to vote in the Primary election. The Republican nominee is McCain, but the issue now is the Democratic choice between Hilary Clinton & Barack Obama.

Craig and I can't vote but nevertheless, we get caught up in the excitement and the drama. It's hard not to when you live in a state that's always so influential in the choice of President. The result does affect us too, as we pay taxes and own our house and do all the things that native Ohioans do.

In the 2004 election, I was at a work conference in Seattle as the Ohio result came in, effectively sealing the next term for Bush. Craig was at home, watching it with our friends. At the same time as the general election, Ohio voters were voting on Issue 1: the right for gay people to have civil unions and the same rights as straight couples. The issue was voted down - "no". I remember it as a time of shock and huge disapointment. I called back to Ohio and we all cried, not just about the loss for Senator Kerry but also for the vote "no" on Issue 1. As I strolled through downtown Seattle towards my meeting, the people on the streets were also in shock and just asking "what has Ohio done?", even the newspapers had these huge front page headlines saying the same thing and I wanted to tell them that it wasn't okay to point the finger - all of my friends in Ohio were devastated.

So it comes back to Ohio again, to play a major role in choosing the democratic nominee - what will happen? I guess we'll find out Wednesday.

And if I could vote, who would I vote for? Well, I got to see Obama last October but I didn't get to see Hilary, so I can't compare them. I like them both a lot. My worry with Hilary is that she couldn't beat McCain because people won't vote for her. Not because she's a woman, it's more than that. It's because she's her. Hard to explain.

Enough political ramblings from me. Jeez, I can't even vote!

What to see who you'd vote for? Take this quiz: Minnesota Public Radio Quiz


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