Splashing in Puddles

Jack's had a fabulous day today. This morning we met Todd, Kelli & Hannah at Chuck E Cheese. For those of you that do not have children, a morning at this place would make you want to check in to the nearest hospital to have all your reproductive organs cut off. At the advice of Todd we went early so we could have fun and get out of there before the churches kicked out and the whole world decended on the place. Jack had fun, we did too, but I'm so glad we went early as the line was out the door as we left.

Next on Jack's fun day was an absolute refusal to have a nap. The little bugger was in his crib messing about for 3 hours and did not sleep for a minute. I finally relented and went into his room, to find everything flung out of the crib as usual. But he's standing there grinning at me and it's impossible to be angry with him.

Later this afternoon Katy came over to play and we went to the park. Both little people were suitably decked out in wellies which means only one thing - splashy time!! Watching these two having fun in the puddles made my day. I took some video, to share the moment:

Finally ..
If you are in the UK - Happy Mothers Day! My mum sent Jack a load of dress-up clothes this week - so watch out for a picture posting soon.


Jen said…
I didn't realize that was Katy in the top pic. until after I watched the video. She and Jack are adorable in their wellies!
Emily said…
Oh, it's even better with the sound. How precious! I'm glad I get to see it even if I wasn't there... so cute.

Also, I don't know what a leek is, so if that helps... maybe you can't find them in the US.

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