The Perfect Home Landing

I'm going to be working late for a while, which is okay as I love my job, but it means I have to sacrifice precious hours with my family.

I got home tonight just as Jack had gone to bed, so I snook into his room to say goodnight and give him a kiss. He was laid down on his back with his blanket pulled up to his chest. Now that he's in a toddler bed I can kneel next to him and no longer have to lean over his crib rail and try to kiss him while trying not to cut myself in two at the midriff. So, I knelt next to him and told him I loved him and stroked his hair and he wrapped his little fingers around my necklace and whispered "ooooooo" as if he was touching the crown jewels themselves. I sung him a lullaby and he said "nigh nigh" back to me. Ahh, lovely.

I'm feeling really good as I leave his bedroom & I discover that Craig has cooked me a curry for dinner (my favorite) and it's only about 4 WW points (even better).

Then, I mean can it get better?, I sit down with my curry and watch my mind-numbing, stress-relieving show "American Idol". I'm not so drawn in yet that I voted but I do know all the names now and can offer an educated opinion on the performances. I shall leave that till tomorrow though, when I can discuss the whole thing in great detail with my equally sad boss.

Actually, tonight could have been better if Craig had sat with me but he escaped to the basement to play his PS 3. You can't have it all I suppose.


Jen said…
Gotta love men and their toys! Glad to hear you had a relaxing and enjoyable evening.

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