Thursday, March 20, 2008

Snowdrops & Jicamas

Happy Spring Everyone!

Finally, after several weeks of crappy weather we have snowdrops - yea! Saw them on our daily walk which must happen or Jack has a meltdown from hell. Tonight he was so impatient to get out he flung his dinner across the room, which resulted in him having his first "time out". We left him in his chair to think about it while we ate dinner in the living room. Anyway, he's 2 soon so I'm sure there's more of that coming. If any parents out there would like to give me survival tips for the next 2 years, please feel free. But hey, who can blame the little guy? He sits in a basement room for 8 hours a day, which leads me to my next blurb.....

We've made the decision, enrolled in a new day care center and told his current place that he's leaving. Big sigh of relief for us as we've been tormenting ourselves all week and flip-flopping between 2 choices. I'm very happy with the choice we made and can't wait to get him there.

His current lady was a bit miffed and I felt bad telling her, very bad actually. British people have a ridiculous need to be nice to everyone and absolutely never hurt people's feelings. Even if those people have been consciously rude or hurtful to us - we still worry ourselves to death about saying anything to them. I'm proud of the fact that we're polite, but wish I wasn't such a doormat sometimes. I mean - I asked Jack's babysitter nicely at least a month ago to tell me more about his day with her and she hasn't. Not even attempted to - just blew me off. So, big raspberries to her. I say this on my blog of course and not to her face (as I said, ridiculous).


WW is going GREAT. I've lost 20 lbs and Craig's lost a whopping 34. He's started sorting through his stuff and actually throwing clothes away. This is a huge feat for my husband who's a horrid hoarder. He keeps clothes from 15 years ago and I won't even mention the piles of wires and metal and electronic rubbish he refuses to chuck from the basement. It must be a male thing, because behind every woman I know is a man hoarding rubbish.

Part of my WW thing is to eat lots of veggies. Emily's friend, Jen, suggested I try Jicama (above) so I did. It's a Mexican turnip that you peel and cut into chunks or slices and eat raw, or add to soups and such. I'm not a cook so don't know about those kinds of things. They could be used instead of chips with a dip or just munched on as a snack. Because it's a veggie it carries no points value, so it's great for me. It has a texture like water chestnut or apple - very light and crisp. And it has a slightly sweet kick. If you can get hold of one, try some, it's yummy. By the way, being Spanish, it's pronounced "hicama", not "jeecama" as I unknowingly said to the supermarket lady.


Lastly ..... I didn't want to do it this year. I really didn't. But I watched this week and now I'm as hooked as I am each year and I'll be glued to this thing now, and calling up to vote and talking about it at work with my secret AI pals. Yes, I'm talking about American Idol. When I told Craig last night that I've been sucked back in, he drew his breath between his teeth and said he'd watch TV in bed, rather than watch it with me in the living room. When it ended I went in there and he's watching some show about a guy who travels all over the world trying to prove that Big Foot, or the Wild Man of Borneo or Loch Ness exists. I think we all need some mind-numbing entertainment sometimes don''t we. SO, back to business. Who's my AI favourite? It has to be David Archuleta. He's 17 years old, from Utah, & he's got a fair set of pipes on him..........


Jen said...

Thanks for the link! I totally agree about men being horrid hoarders. My hubby still has sweaters in our closet from high school and his side of the basement is a wreck. Glad I'm not the only one who has to deal with it!

Mimi said...

Hey, I'm Jen's "Mum". I can totally relate to the "hoarding". As Jen well knows, whenever anything was thrown out in our house, every nut, bolt and electrical wire was saved in case we'd need it for some future repair--but when repair time came, the perfect part could not be found and we'd end up buying new ones. Can't live with them/can't live without them.

Emily said...

Do you think people will believe that we picked our son's name before there were 3 of them on American Idol this year? I hope it doesn't become too trendy for that reason...

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