Child Care & Cream Eggs

For a couple of weeks now we've been trying to navigate our way through the child care minefield. We like his current carer a lot, we really do. She's nice to him and he's safe, fed and happy. There's 4 other kids there from baby to 3, so he has friends his age to mingle with. Having him in a basement room all day isn't ideal but once the weather breaks (please mother nature cooperate!) he'll get to play outside.

You're already saying to yourself "get a grip woman, it sounds like a great set-up". And it would be if it were not for one thing. She won't tell us anything. Literally anything. I have no idea from 8am-5pm what he does. He never brings home crafts or half eaten food or anything. I plucked up the courage to talk to her last week and I said I wanted to know more and she told me he's fine, that she'll let me know if there's any problems. But I want to know if he's slept okay, what food he likes, who his friend is, if he said a new word, if he likes to dance....

Craig and I have talked this to death. We know we get what we pay for. We know she has 5 kids to keep safe and happy and it isn't her job to be Jack's teacher. But we want him to be in a stimulating environment, where he gets to do stuff - not sit in a basement and watch Noggin.

We've asked ourselves, at Jack's age (20 months), is it enough that he's safe and fed and content, or should he be stimulated and around other kids and running around like a lunatic? I already know the answer, I just hate the thought of hurting his carer's feelings.

And so, we've been checking out day care centres - somewhere with a plan for the day, where he'll get to play games and dance and learn from his peers. We'll keep you posted.


Before my mum knew I was on WW, she sent us a humongous box of English chocolate. English chocolate is just the best. It makes my mouth melt just to think of it. It's been sat in a compartment in the fridge for a couple of weeks now and as Craig so rightly puts it, it's like having crack in the house.
Our little lad can consume all he wants though, so he's been spoiled with Wagon Wheels and Milk Chocolate Buttons and today - his very first Cadburys Cream Egg! I know Easter's still a couple of weeks off, but having your first cream egg just has to be a picture moment.

Mmmm, dad what's this?

And it's got stuff in the middle!

And it's gone
Finally, congratulations to Emily's friend, Kelsey, who had a little boy, Michael, last night. We've all been watching her blog with baited breath but he's here and they're doing fine.


Jen said…
Looks like Jack loves his chocolate! Did you ever find any leeks for your soup? Just curious! =)
Fredsueand me said…
Oh its a mile stone in a childs life when he has to decide for the first time how he will eat his creme egg. Noah sucks the middle out too, unlike his dad who eats them whole. we should lobby weight watchers and get them to put the eggs on the sin free list.
Fredsueand me said…
Hey pam. sounds like a real quandary the child care worries, you have a right to know what he gets up too all day surely, and the structure he has for the day even if she does have 4 kids to look after. I know what a complex issue it is, but dont worry about upsetting her your paying for a service at the end of the day. difficult one though eh.

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