Pampered Pooch

My vet informs me that Cody's teeth need cleaning. Not just a quick scrub with some beef favoured toothpaste and an old brush of Craig's though. This would involve a full day at the clinic, being knocked out with anaesthetic, followed by laser treatment, high polish and a quick nail trim while they're at it. All for the bargain price of $300.

I'm not trying to be cheap here - but three hundred dollars to get his freaking teeth cleaned! Are you kidding me? Can't I put whiskey in his bowl and do it myself? (PETA, I'm joking).

Okay, I'm not spending (and don't have) $300 to have his pearly whites made more pearly white. I'm also not going to subject him to the risky business of anaesthesia when I read horror stories of dogs not waking up.

Anyone done this themselves or got any good tips, other than my first suggestion?


Fredsueand me said…
Do nothing, what happened to dogs teeth before vets decided they could make a lot of money from it. Leave the teeth until they go rotten and then have the vet pull them out with plyers, that what happened to us, and was free. sounds cruel i know but pooch came out happy. we treat animals too much like humans, they will be doing cosmetic surgery for pets soon.

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