Deja-vu: Croup

Jack has croup again.

Poor little mite is snoozing while I type this. I took him to the Docs this morning and he gave him anti-inflammatory medicine for his voice box, which will hopefully stop that horrendous barking cough. The nurse was like Wonder Woman - she took the syringe full of icky medicine and had it emptied down his neck in less than a second. I would have still been trying to pry his jaws open and squirting it all over the floor. It was so quick Jack was more surprised than upset and he looked at me as if to say "what on earth was that?"

He woke up every hour last night - barking and wheezing. It's always so much worse at night isn't it, laying in bed in the dark listening to your child struggle to breathe. I would go in and pick him up and rub his back until he sounded a bit better. Needless to say, Craig and I got no sleep at all.

Doc said the medicine would last 30 hours. If he's bad again tonight though I might try the steamy bathroom trick, or maybe the cold air seeing as it's going to get cold tonight. I hope he gets over it soon. I hate it when he's sick.


Jen said…
Sorry to hear that Jack is sick. I hope he gets to feeling better soon!

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