Sunny, Fabulous Weekend

Finally it seems like spring has arrived - the weather was gorgeous (nearly 70 F), the daffodils & crocuses were out and the song birds were in fine form. We worked like demons in the garden and I'm buggered tonight. I'm sat here with a glass of wine, with soil under my finger nails and killer back ache but we go so much done it was worth the toil. I also gardened so hard I didn't make my weekly calls back to England so sorry - I'll catch up this week I promise!!

Jack had a ball outside all weekend. He was gardening too! He likes to dig with his trowel and throw the soil all over the house, plants and Cody. Very helpful indeed.

Jack, Frank & Cody enjoying the weather. Our efforts were worth it - we now have a completely fenced in garden so the little ones can't run off and terrorize the neighbourhood.

One of the new fences - built by Craig last weekend, painted by me this weekend. It took me 2 full days to paint it, which killed me as I'm itching to get planting and mulching and doing the nice stuff. Every now and then, Jack or Cody would come along and lean on the wet paint so I got Jack's painting stuff out and let him join in. By the time he came in tonight, he had all the colours of the rainbow painted on his clothes.

He starts his new child care tomorrow. I know he'll probably be upset when I leave him there but we took him every day last week so he knows them and likes them. Here he is with his new friends Amina (2) and Samira (4). Jack is the youngest in the group so I'm hoping they'll all take him under their wings and look after him. I guess he'll always be the youngest in his group, even at school, since he was born in July. So, a big day for us all tomorrow. Ohhh man, it's hard leaving your child in someone else's care.

To end on a happy note, here's a sort video of our lad having some fun this weekend.
I love his laugh ...


mountainear said…
Thanks for visiting my blog - sorry to make you miss England though - this is usually such a wonderful time of year.

Columbus looks pretty good as well. I look forward to seeing your garden's in bloom. Planting's the exciting bit that everyone sees - no one ever appreciates all the back breaking preparation.
Swearing Mother said…
What a lovely video clip! I've seen some others on U Tube with babies laughing, but none so cute as your boy!
Jen said…
Thanks for the encouraging comment on my blog...Motherhood is tough, but I'm doing my best at it (most days!). It looks like you got lots done over the weekend. I can't wait to see more flowers out now that spring is officially here.

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