My Top Ten

Instead of my usual ramblings I thought I'd just post a few things that have popped into my head this week:

1. Ohio weather: How can it be windy and ridiculously humid at the same time?

2. Does it get any cuter than Jack & Amina being best friends?

3. I've lost 29 lbs. That's over 2 stone folks. I have decided to post "before fatty" and "after curvy" pictures at some point - not yet though

4. How come I've lost 2 stone & my boobs have shrunk but my belly & thighs won't go? Mother nature is a sadistic woman.

5. There isn't any feeling better in the world than your child's face lighting up when they see you and running into your arms. I wish I could "pick up" more than "drop off" at child care.

6. Is anyone else getting fed-up that Clinton and Obama won't get it bloody settled? Come on for Pete's sake, we've got an election to win. I don't care which one it is at this point (and erm, can't vote)

7. I went to a talk recently & the speaker said that England doesn't have certain "standard things", like zip lock (self-sealing) bags or ranch dressing. Er, yes actually you can buy both (I checked). This little niggling thing has bothered me for a while.

8. I suddenly realised last night who Carly (American Idol) reminds me of - Boy George!

9. One of my dearest friends lost her mum this week. Everyone reading this - go immediately to the phone, ring your mum and tell her you love her.

10. Isn't spring the most gorgeous season? Just today I took in the fragrant scents of Lilac, Daphne, Daffodils, yellow Primrose, and Hyacinth


Emily said…
Way to go on the weight loss! That's so great. I need to get motivated, I don't have any excuses anymore, and I really should do it now because I get extra points for nursing, so it should be easier, right? Hmmm...
mountainear said…
Love your story about your step-dad on a previous post. Real lads' stuff!

Have never felt the need for 'ranch dressing' so have never sought it out. Funny what some people think define 'civilisation'. Don't get me started...

Well done with the weight loss.

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