Making Hay While the Sun Shines

I had my first "injury" scare today. I brought Jack home from child care early as he was a bit "off" and I gave him some warm milk and put him down for a nap. After about 5 minutes of is usual jabbering he went quiet, so I assumed he'd gone to sleep. WRONG. He had, in fact, decided to find his wellies in the dark room, put them on and then climb onto his toy box. All I heard was a loud scream followed by crying that meant something real, not the "I'm bored" or "Please let me stay up longer" kind of cry. I rushed in to find him lying on the floor, crying, with blood all over his hand. I semi-panicked but not too much that I couldn't get his hand washed and inspect the damage, which I thought might need a stitch but ended up being a tiny cut on his finger. I know it was minor and nothing at all to worry about but it scared me.

Maybe it's because everything is so good for us right now - our family, our jobs, our life in general. I sometimes torment myself with thoughts of something happening just because it all seems too good to be true. Somebody once told me that Scottish people are the worst for this kind of pessimism. That on a bright sunny day they'll look up to the sky and say "we'll pay for this later".


I got home from work later tonight after he'd gone to bed. I was just itching for an excuse to go into his room so I was a bit loud and clumsy around the house, just in case he was still awake. This is how I found him, peeking under his door. I knelt down & whispered "Jack?" and he said "What?"
He's such a cheeky monkey.


Jen said…
Glad to hear that Jack's injury wasn't so bad after all. Blood can be scary. Last spring, Ellie fell off a curb and into the corner of our van door. She had an inch-long gash on the top of her head and it bled like crazy. Thankfully, after a bath, we saw that it didn't need stitches and she felt much better. Although I'm sure she had a headache. =)
Emily said…
Oh my gosh, that picture is so cute. What will he come up with next? And that's funny, because just yesterday Brian said, "Katy" and she said, "What?" and we looked at each other and said, "did she just say 'what?'?"
Pam said…
Yes, new words every day and it's amazing isn't it. I was showing him a blue whale and trying to make him say "blue", he looked at me and said "Orca". Smart a**!

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