St George's Day Celebrations

My step-dad and Jack's grandad Tom is ## years old today (I can't say the age as he'd go spare that I posted it on the Internet. Needless to say, it's a milestone, so make your own mind up).

Here he is at 17 - a young teddy boy from Bolton! I won't be mushy about him because he doesn't like "that sort of thing" but I hope he knows how much we love him.

One of his best attributes is his sense of humour. Years ago he stopped at our local pub on the way home for a pint and then set off for home in his work truck. Some of the local lads had untied the ladders off the roof of his truck and re-tied them on, crossed over like helicopter blades. He couldn't untie them so drove all the way home in a car that looked like the Batmobile. I saw some of those lads last year, twenty years after they did it, and they still laugh about some of the pranks they played on him and he played on them.

Happy Birthday Tom!

Also - Happy 19th Birthday to my wonderful niece Gemma and, if that weren't enough celebration for one day, Happy St. George's Day!


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