Passing Time

I have a little bit of time till I work tonight so thought I'd jump on and say something. Nothing too earth-shattering as my mind is currently on work and food (I'm famished) and the current sunny weather outside.

There's thunderstorms forecast so I'm doing a little "rain jig" under my desk as I'll be outside tonight and don't fancy getting hit by lightning or swept up into a tornado like Dorothy and flung to the Land of Oz, though that was far more exciting than Auntie Em's place wasn't it.

I "weighed in" today and I've lost 24.6 lbs. Not bad considering my wine intake is still pretty impressive on a weekend. Craig's lost 42 and looks about 12 years old. I'm actually loving WW - I'm enjoying food more and actually like writing down what I eat. I read a story recently by Victoria Beckham where she said she writes down everything that she puts in her mouth (careful there Victoria). So, every time I write now I think of her. Not sure that's a good thing.

Jack's daycare's going great. He loves it, although still gets upset when I leave which is normal. He comes home every night with crafts and is worn out. What a difference some activity can make. He's growing so fast and learning so much it's hard to keep up and makes me a bit sad. He started doing this lovely thing - where when I pick him up he doesn't just hold onto me, but he twines his fingers in my hair and squeezes my neck. It makes me feel all gooey just writing about it. Better make the most of it before he turns into an 'orrible teenager huh.


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