Babysitters from Hell

Having no family in the USA means we have to rely upon friends to babysit Jack, which in over two years has amounted to less than 10 times. So much for those Cosmpolitan articles that tell you to make time for each other once a week - fat chance!

We have put the feelers out there to see about hiring a stranger, because we love our son but let's be honest, watching a 2-year old is bloody hard work and can lose you friends quick if you keep asking.

Sadly, we've not had much luck with strangers yet though.

We've met a woman who had 25 dogs and whose house stunk so bad my eyes watered. Then I had a classified answered by a woman who said her dog loved kids so much it watched them while she did other things. There was the woman that liked us so much she talked to us like we were her friends and told us all about her online cloth diaper business and as I'm thinking "she spends all her time online and not watching the kids", my child was headed towards her balcony, unnoticed.

I know that Mary Poppins doesn't exist but for heavens sake. Aren't there mums and normal people out there looking to make a few bucks that won't make me feel like I've left my child with Naomi Campbell?


Emily said…
Of course we can help each other out but since we all need some more help once in a while...

I'm convinced that what we need is a reliable teenager. I know they exist. I used to babysit all the time in high school, and a teenager comes to your house, focuses all of their attention (hopefully) on your kid, doesn't charge much, and doesn't have their own opinions about child rearing. Plus they don't have their own kids they have to rush home to - they're available!

If you want me to ask around for you - I know some of the moms in your neighborhood use teenagers. A good referral may be the best way to go. (But as I'm saying this, I haven't done this myself, so take it with a grain of salt.) :)
Pam said…
Leaving your child with a stranger is a daunting idea. If any of your local mums can recommend a good babysitter I'd be grateful. Thanks!
Hi Pam - hope you have some luck soon with finding a sitter for Jack. Always a daunting task trying to find just the right person to look after your greatest treasure!

Maybe Emily will be able to help to find someone and a teenager could be the answer (if she come with good references). In the dim and distant past I used the teenager from next door (lucky) and my daughter did sitting when she was in her teens. I still see the mother of those children and she always asks after my girl.

Good luck with it.


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