I'm Just a Little Ray of Sunshine Today

I took my mum & auntie Edna to the airport today. Even though we said we wouldn't cry, we did. Even though we both said at the gate "DON"T turn around", we did. I always feel better when I know she's home, which will be about 10am tomorrow morning, but right now I'm sad. I'm not even sure she's coming back when the new baby comes now either, since its so exensive to fly. So all the time I'm saying goodbye I'm wondering when I'll see her again. **Big sigh**

Now I'm off home for the big debate. What worries about this debate is that our expectations of Palin are so LOW at this point that all she'll have to do is come across slightly intelligent and the world will gasp "oh! she's so great!". And it pisses me off that she's waving a string of Buckeyes around. She probably has no idea what they are and dons a big yellow "M" when she goes north. Big Faker.

As you can clearly see folks - missing my mum, being pregnant and having to suffer fools isn't exactly making me a little ray of sunshine today....


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