Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Niagara & Cash

Here's my mum (r) and auntie Edna at Niagara. I've really enjoyed spending time with them but it was a bit worrying. I mean, if they are an indication of things to come, I have a future of tremendous forgetfulness (now where's my purse?), talking loudly and often, and crazy behaviour. But they do have a wonderful sense of humour, bless them.

My boy in front of the American Falls. Anyone who tells you they are better than the Canadian Falls are lying, or they are one of those people that likes to be different. Like someone who grows up in Ohio but supports Michigan.
By the way, I'm not beating Jack - he fell at day care.

A trip to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame to see Johnny Cash's tour bus.
My mum said she felt Johnny's spirit in the bus (see "crazy behaviour" above).

What a bloody cheek! If he hadn't popped his clogs I'd have reported him to Scotland Yard


Fredsueand me said...

looks like you had a right old time, i would love to go on that tour bus i love johnny cash. jack obviously enjoyed the falls. love to everyone. lee x

Pam said...

Hiya Lee - Just dropped them at the airport, it was very sad. Saying goodbye to my mum doesn't get any easier. Send me the dvd to cheer me up!

3 Month Catch-up

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