No More Fannying About

Okay, no more fannying about. I have made two executive decisions this weekend:

1. Our new baby's first & middle name is ....... Daniel (Danny) Lewis. So from now on, when I refer to "Danny" I mean the ever-growing bump just above my trousers.

2. Other than cherry tomatoes I'm giving up on veggie gardening. My carrots are fat and stupid-looking. My corn, beetroots, and beans went rotten because I couldn't be bothered harvesting them. My peas grew like gangbusters and took a load of effort to harvest and I got about half a can of peas off them so I'd rather just pay 25 cents for a can from Aldis. I want to be a modern woman of the earth but the truth is I'm just too lazy.


Mommy Daisy said…
Lovely name for your little one.
Nancy Douglas said…
I am with you on the gardening. It was good to visit your blog. See you again soon!
mountainear said…
Good name - I have a Daniel too - he is the big size and now aged 28. Can't remember why we chose that name - at the time I'd heard an old hymn or folk song called 'Dare to be a Daniel'- I think it's based on Daniel in the Lion's Den, which went: 'Dare to be a Daniel, Dare to stand alone, Dare to have a purpose true, Dare to make it known.'He lives up to his name and speaks up for what he believes in. I'm very proud of him.

Hope your new lad will make you equally proud.
Expat mum said…
That vegetable (is it a carrot) should be paraded on the Dave Letterman show or something! Bizarre.
Pam said…
MD: Thank you! We read two huge name books but kept coming back to Danny. Hope you are doing okay.

Nancy: Hello! Always nice to see a new face. I'll check out your blog.

Mountainear: I have two links to you now. My son will be Daniel and my mum is Ethel (same as yours?). I'm going to Google the song you said about & I also love "Danny Boy". Hope my son makes me as proud as you are of yours.

Expat: I can't take credit for the carrot as I found it on the web. It reminds me of the rude veg they had on "That's Life!" - remember that????? LOL

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