Monday, October 20, 2008

My Weekend Ramblings

Saturday: Woke up believing I'd get back to healthy eating as weight is creeping up like a wily old fox. Went on to gorge the whole day on crap food but feel wholly justified because my company for the day at Jan's cabin drank beer all day and I couldn't (bloody ba humbug)

Had a smashing day at the cabin but didn't sleep over. Went home and had hoped to see the Penn State:Michigan game but didn't, and well really in the whole scheme of things, would like it if both teams could have lost. I know it's good for us for PSU to win so we can hopefully beat them this Saturday but I still can't bring myself to cheer for either side. This probably makes no sense at all. Even Craig thinks I'm bonkers. Talking of which ...

Sunday: Poor Craig gets to do plumbing all day while I give him some space & take the little fella to the zoo. I had to buy the mandatory horse ride for him but the cost has gone up 400%. I blame John McCain.

95% of all the kids there had Halloween costumes on, except for my boy because I didn't think ahead. I haven't even got him an outfit yet. Actually I want to make one for him but am coming up blank on ideas.

Talking of Halloween, I have made my house a bit spooky (pictures later), including a big hairy spider over our letterbox to scare the postman, bit I haven't done anything this funny:


Kelsey said...

Pam! Thank you for the award you gave me about a month ago -I'm so behind! I finally posted it on my blog. Thanks for including me. I hope you're feeling well.

Expat mum said...

Hungover pumpkins!

Pam said...

Kelsey: you're welcome! Yep, feeling great. I'm in the 2nd trimester honeymoon!

EM: Aren't they great!!!!

3 Month Catch-up

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