Our Little American Scouser

My son is going to have the most weird accent.

This last couple of months, he's starting to say words in a very proper queen's English, but then he says things American, like "wader", instead of "water". I can live with him flip-flopping between English & American as long as he calls me mummy and not mommy.

But then this week he's started saying "work" like a scouser: "wirk". Oh dear.


Expat mum said…
You've lost that battle my friend. Once they start school it's all over. At the moment my 5 year old is saying water with a very pronounced T in the middle but then the end is a very definite "err", American style. They tried to suggest a possible speech impediment last year, but i assured them that he was right on course. His two elder siblings transitioned exactly the same way. At least people will stop imitating him soon.

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